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Saved health, saved wealth: an approach to quantifying the benefits of climate change adaptation: Practical application in coastal protection projects in Viet Nam

This report deals with the challenge of how to consistently estimate, monitor and evaluate the actual outcomes of their adaptation activities. Although many different approaches for various adaptation project types and sectors have been applied, there is yet to be a standardised set of indicators covering most activities. This would allow project proposals to be compared before implementation and enable lessons to be drawn from project implementation.

A framework is proposed which consists of two indicators that allow the total value of an adaptation project to be assessed: saved wealth covers the monetary value of public infrastructure, private property and income loss. Saved health assesses avoided disease, disability and life loss. These indicators are applied to the GIZ project ‘Management of Natural Resources in the Coastal Zone of Soc Trang’ (MNRCZ) in Viet Nam as a case study. Among the study results is that the finding that wealth benefits are five times higher for a mangrove project than for a dyke upgrade.