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Resultados del Proyecto INAP. Donación TF056350 Informe Final Julio 2011

In response of imminent climate change, Colombia structured and developed the pilot project National Climate Change Adaptation (INAP) in order to support the country in the definition and implementation of pilot adaptation measures and policy options to foresee the impacts on high mountain ecosystems,colombian insular areas and human health. This document is the final report for INAP project results . It presents the four technical components defined as follow: A. Information includes production on climate change and climate variability; B: Design and Implementation for an adaptation program in Paramo de Chingaza; C: Design and Implementation for an adaptation program in the Colombian Caribbean Insular Areas; D: Answers to tropical vector-borne diseases (dengue and malaria). In addition, the document is including the Component Manager for administrative and financial management for INAP project.