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Resilience in Action: Lessons from Public-Private Collaborations Around the World

The report asserts that greater engagement by the private sector in managing disaster risk and promoting climate resilience is important to curb losses from disasters. The report explores lessons learned from over 100 examples of public-private partnerships and private-sector initiatives, concentrating on nine particular cases.

Meister Consultants Group, with funding by CDKN, Resilience in Action sets out the reasons, from its research, why businesses invest in disaster risk management and adaptation, the barriers to investment, the players and partnerships involved, and strategies for success.

It makes six recommendations for policy makers and private-sector leaders to consider:

‘1. Build on a foundation of local engagement and trust.
2. Start small and local, but position for scaling-up and replicating the work.
3. Integrate skill building to maximise community ownership.
4. Build adaptive capacity by strengthening businesses and livelihoods.
5. Create partnerships along—or across—value chains.
6. Find innovative alternatives to traditional infrastructure.’