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Renewable energy market transformation initiative: scaling up deployment of grid-connected renewable energy technologies for power supply diversification

The brochure explains the objectives, scope and target of the Renewable Energy Market Transformation Initiative (REMTI). The main areas of engagement of this initiative are:

  1. country renewable energy market transformation strategies
  2. renewable energy technology deployment road maps
  3. market development support mechanisms
  4. knowledge exchange.

The document presents the transformation strategies of China, India, Philippines, and Mexico, as well as deployment road maps from Egypt, Middle Eastern and North Africa, India, Peru, and Central America (i.e. Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua Honduras and Panama). Finally, it introduces two policy instruments (i.e. quantity-based and price-based) that are being piloted to overcome disadvantages faced by renewable energy technologies.

Implications for developing country policy-makers:

  • climate change poses big challenges for countries trying to overcome inadequate energy supply
  • REMTI intends to help developing countries by providing technical assistance, knowledge sharing, and training to facilitate their access to finance – its targets are developing country governments and private stakeholders interested in renewable energies for grid-connected power generation
  • country market transformation strategies may enhance policy-making.

Related research topics for CDKN:

  • to determine the adequate policies to overcome disadvantages that affect renewable energy technologies compared to conventional power generation options.