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Real-Time Evaluation of Norway’s International Climate and Forest Initiative: Contributions to National REDD+ Processes 2007-2010. Country Report: Brazil

This report presents the results of an evaluation of the Norway’s International Climate and Forest Initiative’s (NICFI) support to the formulation and implementation of national REDD strategies and other REDD readiness efforts in Brazil. The evaluation has been carried out as part of a series of national-level evaluations of NICFI. The report concludes that NICFI’s support has been effective in that it has successfully stimulated Brazilian environmental and climate policy debates and efforts to reduce deforestation. The fact that the Amazon Fund is widely regarded as an important example of the development of a national mechanism for disbursement of results-based payments, and because NICFI’s support had a positive impact on momentum and direction of change in Brazil must also be recognised as successes. Despite these successes, our interviews highlighted a series of areas in which the effectiveness of NICFI support in Brazil could be enhanced in future.