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Prospects and Constraints of Madhupur National Park Management

The study was conducted in Madhupur National Park (MNP), which is very well known for its characteristics as deciduous forest. This study examined the constraints of park management, causes of deforestation and prospects of Madhupur Sal forests of Bangladesh. Data were collected from the Madhupur National Park authority and a study was done to have clear scenario of the park management and status of forest over time. It is evident from the study that due to various factors like anthropogenic disturbances, political abusement, absence of proper rules and regulations, willingless of the authority, encroachment of forest by locals/local leaders, illegal cutting of Sal trees, agro-forestry, and lack of adequate budget are main constraints for managing MNP. The study also revealed that about 1-3% of the forest is depleted each year, and about 50-80 years later, the forest will be completely vanished or scattered in somewhere.