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Project final evaluation report. Climate Change Adaptation Capacity in Madagascar.

As stated in the TOR, the primary purpose of the final evaluation is to assess mainly the impact, effectiveness and relevance of the project in relation to its stated purpose, objectives, target groups, partners and other affected parties. It is also to assess project progress towards its stated purpose and identification of constraints hindering such progress. The analysis of the results will be based on the criteria of Quality and Relevance of Design, Effectiveness; Efficiency of Planning and Implementation; Impact; and Potential for sustainability, replication and magnification. Moreover, the final evaluation indentifies key lessons and experiences that have resulted from the project during the four-year implementation. Linked to the findings under the above sections, overall conclusions will be drawn and listed in terms of importance. The evaluation is expected to make clear and detailed recommendations for the way forward: how to increase effectiveness of implementation if activities are to continue.