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Population dynamics in the post – 2015 development agenda: report of the Global Thematic Consultation on Population Dynamics

Mega population trends at the national and global levels – continued rapid population growth, population ageing, urbanisation and migration
– not only frame the entire development debate, they demand a reconsideration and re-conceptualisation of what will be the main
challenges for the post – 2015 development agenda.

This is the outcome report of the global consultation on population dynamics, post Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), and it discusses:

  • population dynamics and policy implications
  • economic development and income security
  • human development through the life course
  • population data and projections
  • development cooperation and partnerships

It also hightlights key thematic priorities:

  • high fertility and population growth
  • low fertility and population aging
  • migration and human mobility
  • urbanisation