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Planning for urban resilience: Framework and examples from the Asian Cities Climate Change Resilience Network

This paper discusses the development of resilience strategies in selected cities of India, Thailand, Vietnam, and Indonesia as part of the Asian Cities Climate Change Resilience Network (ACCCRN).

Key lessons derived from the urban resilience planning in these cities include:

  • resilience planning is a long-term process
  • shared learning is a useful approach to resilience planning
  • resilience planning can also be mobilised by a set of key stakeholders and decision-makers at the city level

The paper also notes that a Climate Resilience Strategy at the city level should provide context, evidence, and analysis to justify actions for strengthening urban resilience, and set priorities which the local government should act on. Core areas of importance that emerged as part of the resilience planning in the ACCCRN cities include:

  • awareness raising
  • capacity building of human resources and institutions
  • infrastructure development
  • urban ecosystem management