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Performance of Ginger under Agroforestry System

An experiment was conducted at the Agroforestry Model Farm, Hajee Mohammad Danesh Science and Technology University, Dinajpur to study 11 vital yield traits, yield and quality of a local variety of ginger cultured under three Agroforestry systems, i.e. beneath the shades of Three multi-use tree species (2.5 years old) and also in the open field. So, the four treatments were: Open field having no shade vis-a-vis full sunlight (Ti control), under guava Trees with 70±5% shade (T2) below black sins trees providing 60±5% shade (I3) and underneath mango trees having 50±5% shade (14). The trial was set in the Randomized Complete Block Design. Eleven vegetative traits (plant height, number of leaves per plant, number of tillers per plant, leaf size, number of finger per plant, finger fresh weight per plant, finger dry weight per plant, rhizome fresh weight per plant, rhizome dry weight per plant rhizome yield per plot and rhizome yield per hectare) were investigated.