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Performance Cabbage As Agroforestry

A field experiment was conducted at the Agroforestry Farm, Department of Agroforestry, Hajee Mohammad Danesh Science and Technology University, Dinajpur to evaluate the performance of cabbage under two multipurpose trees i.e. Black sins (Albezia lebbeck) and mango (Mangifera indica). There was also a control plot (open field). Local variety of cabbage was used as test crop. The experiment was laid out in RCBD with three replications. It was recorded that in partial shade condition the higher yield of cabbage would produced (28.33 t/ha) was recorded in mango field than black sins. Significantly the lowest yield potential under black series and the values was 18.50 t/ha cabbage, respectively. The study revealed that cabbage can be produced under 4 year’s old mango tree without significant yield loss as compared to open field. The black sins created approximately 55-60 % shade that was not found suitable for cabbage. Hence, it can be advocated that production of cabbage with early aged (u