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Perceptions and adaptation capacities of fisher men on climate change: the case of Palawan, Philippines

This study is based on perceptions gathered through interviews with fisher men and their community leaders in Palawan, the Philippines. The results show that variations in the fisher men’s perceptions of climate change are mainly influenced by their vulnerability to climate change impacts. Respondents who considered that there would not be any negative effects to their livelihoods, likewise perceived that there was no need to develop coping mechanisms or adjust to situations where it may affect them. The paper notes that limited information acquired and experienced by the fisher men may have contributed to why most fisher men do not think that it is a necessity to experiment with new techniques and develop ways that would improve or alleviate their existing predisposition. The study concludes that improving fisher men’s knowledge would enable them to make the appropriate decisions of how to cope and adjust to situations that make them vulnerable to the impacts of climate change.