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Nationally appropriate mitigation actions for grassland and livestock management in Mongolia

This policy brief by the Asian Development Bank argues that, given the negative impact of climate change on Mongolia, it is crucial to select mitigation actions that reduce vulnerability to climate change, support the achievement of national development goals, and are feasible given local constraints.

Key messages from the brief include:

• Mongolia’s total emissions are low, but its emissions per capita are relatively high and rising and are produced primarily by the energy and agriculture sectors.

• Nationally appropriate mitigation actions (NAMAs) can help provide access to international financing.

• Mongolia’s NAMA for the management of its grassland and livestock sectors should be based on its National Livestock Program.

• Implementation of Mongolia’s NAMAs should be phased, with three categories of activities — quick wins, fast-tracked actions, and key medium-term actions.

• Mongolia needs to develop a credible measurement, reporting, and verification system, and strengthen institutional capacity.