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National water mission – vol II

Draft prepared by the Ministry of Water Resources. It estimates that currently about 83 percent of developed water resources is used by Irrigation sector alone in our country. This may get progressively reduced to about 75 percent in future, due to increased demand of other sectors. The overall efficiency in most irrigation systems is low and in the range of 35 percent to 40 percent. National Commission on Integrated Water Resources Development Plan (NCIWRDP) also tried to compile the data for national level assessment of overall irrigation efficiencies but they could not come to any conclusion. However, the National Commission opined that 35 to 40 percent efficiency in surface water and 65-70 percent efficiency in ground water will be a fair approximation. Being, major consumer of water, even a marginal improvement in the efficiency of water use in irrigation sector will result in saving of substantial quantity of water which can be utilised for extending irrigated area.