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National climate funds: learning from the experience of Asia-Pacific countries

This paper by the United Nations Development Programme’s Asia-Pacific Office provides an overview of the key issues faced when designing, establishing and managing extra-budgetary national climate funds (NCFs) in the Asia-Pacific region. The paper proposes a set of feasibility criteria to assist decision-makers to make informed decisions and assess whether an NCF is a feasible option for a country. It highlights the importance of tailoring climate finance to national circumstances, and investing time and resources in building human and institutional capacity to manage climate funds. When deciding to establish an NCF, it recommends that decision-makers should first analyse the overall climate finance landscape, identify specific objectives the NCF aims to achieve and consider how the NCF can contribute to national climate change policies. The paper was released together with case studies from Bhutan, Lao People’s Democratic Republic, China, Thailand, Cambodia, Micronesia and Tuvalu.