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Mujeres indígenas y cambio climático. Perspectivas latinoamericanas

The book compiles the topics discussed at the international seminar “Indigenous Women and Climate Change” Bogotá, 2008 organized by the group “Culture and Environment.” It is a wonderfull summary of knowledge and perceptions of American indigenous cultures about the weather and climate. It presents the experiences of indigenous women in Bolivia, Mexico, Guatemala, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, El Salvador and Honduras. Indigenous women have an important role in the community because they live a direct relation with the access to water resources and availability of food, fibers and fuel. They are who lead the socialization processes and new strategies of everyday use of resources.

The text allows a dialogue with indigenous women, from diferent cultures of Latin America, and their views on the effects of climate change. Contributes to improved adaptation actions, ways of responding to changes and reduce impacts through practices such as home gardens, water reuse and others efficiency ways.