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Making cities resilient assessment: Dar es Salaam

This report gives an overview of how resilient Dar es Salaam, Tanzania’s largest city, is to disaster risk, and how the city council generated this information.

Many Cities in Africa are experiencing economic growth but urban populations are growing and increasingly vulnerable to disasters. Underlying factors such as urban poverty, governance issues, weak institutional frameworks and a lack of technical and operational resources for disaster risk management can compound this problem. Many cities in Africa exhibit economies that are prone to disaster shocks.

In Africa, an increase in extreme weather conditions is associated with minimal achievements in adaptation. Cities such as Dar es Salaam, which is located along the Indian Ocean coast, may be affected by sea level rises, coastal erosion, river and coastal flooding.

The guiding questions identified by the report, in order to effectively build resilience in Dar es Salaam are:

  • Why is Dar es Salaam city at risk?
  • What must we do to assess how resilient Dar es Salaam city is?
  • How do we involve strategic partners and the community to address this risk?
  • How do we communicate achievements and best practice?
  • How do we sustain and protect Dar es Salaam’s development gains?