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Mainstreaming climate change adaptation in the Pacific: a practical guide

The Pacific Adaptation to Climate Change (PACC) project has put together this guide as a response to the need from PACC-participating countries to integrate climate change risks into their national and sector strategies and plans, and budgetary processes. The guide aims to provide a practical step-by-step framework on how to mainstream climate change into Pacific island countries and territories development planning and decision-making processes.

The recommended approach combines standard policy cycles commonly used in the Pacific with analytical inputs from the climate risk management (CRM) framework. This forms a seven-phase process representing a broad outline of how to mainstream climate risk into development planning and policy processes, with analytical inputs, outputs and key decisions described for each step. Steps include: preparatory activities; situation analysis; problem analysis; solution analysis; design of the outputs; implementation, monitoring and evaluation; and review. The process is illustrated with detailed case studies drawn from the region.