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Livelihoods in rural Bangladesh

For many of the poorest residents of Subarnabad, a village in rural Bangladesh, lackof money to meet basic needs is related to the environmental changes that have been occurring during the last 25 to 30 years. The authors describe the local vulnerabilities to environmental change such as saltwater intrusion and shrimp farm introduction in rural Bangladesh.

By addressing local vulnerabilities and concerns, and building capacities in a broad sense, the authors argue that these initiatives can provide practical, effective and contextually-relevant ways to decrease vulnerability and facilitate adaptation to climate change within the context of ongoing development processes. Enhancing and diversifying livelihoods is a key component of this adaptive capacity.

This issue of the Tiempo bulletin also includes articles on the following:

  • Gender and climate change
  • Deserts and desertification
  • African fisheries
  • Low coastal zone settlements

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