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Key reference material for social & gender issues linked to tackling deforestation

This reference list has been collated – as part of a HelpDesk enquiry that was undertaken by the Evidence on Demand team – to peer-review social and gender issues in a business case, relating to forests and climate change. Whilst not exhaustive, this list may act as a useful resource in the development of future business cases.

References are divided into two main categories:

1.Gender issues and forestry

  • Gender participation, empowerment and forests 
  • Gender research and sustainable forestry 
  • Gender mainstreaming 
  • Gender and agriculture 
  • Gender, climate change and forests

2. Social issues and forestry

  • Community forestry
  • Forests and indigenous people
  • Land tenure 
  • Forests and poverty 
  • Equity and forests 
  • Forests, certification and fair trade 
  • Supply chains and forests 
  • Forests and working conditions
  • Forests and social standards and safeguards
  • Forests, climate change and adaptation