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Jigawa State budget and financial results 2004–2010

This fact sheet presents a summary of budgets and financial results for Jigawa State 2004–2010. Data were drawn from Jigawa State Government approved budgets 2004–2010, Jigawa State Auditor General's audited accounts 2004–2008, and Jigawa State accountant general draft accounts submitted to the auditor general 2009.

The analysis showed a difference between receipts and payments. The Office of the Auditor General was notified. The fact sheet notes that in 2007 the distribution from the Paris Club Refund was lower than budgeted for. Internally generated revenue included license fees and fines, earnings and sales, interest and loan repayments, recurrent grants and reimbursements, and miscellaneous revenues. Other revenue was made up of recurrent contributions by local government for salaries of primary teachers and health workers. Most external grants were given in kind, and no money for these passed through government books. Internal loans 2004–2006 were sourced from banks for specific projects and programmes.