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Informing Decisions on Ecosystem-Based Approaches for the Adaptation of People in Asia and the Pacific Region

This brief discusses research into awareness and information needs related to Ecosystem-Based Approaches (EBA) to climate change adaptation in the Asia and Pacific region. EBA refers to approaches that recognize the potential of ecosystem services to reduce the impact of climate change on people. This study was undertaken to inform the design of a decision-support tool for development, adaptation and disaster risk reduction stakeholders. It examines climate change impacts and adaptation options in the region. Research found that key stakeholder groups are generally aware of ecosystem-based adaptation and practical information on the potential and limitations of EBA is not readily available. Survey analysis highlighted a need for regional case studies and online how-to guidance. The brief concludes by asserting that a design-support tool would enable stakeholders to better identify opportunities, risks and cost-effectiveness of EBA strategies in different contexts.