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Impacts of climatic hazards on the small wetland ecosystems (ponds): evidence from some selected areas of coastal Bangladesh

Most climate related hazards in Bangladesh are linked to water. The poor communities living in remote villages along Bangladesh’s coastal zone are most vulnerable to climate change impacts and depend on small isolated wetlands (ponds) for their daily water requirements. Similarly, the livelihoods of these households depend on access to the ponds for small-scale irrigation for rice and vegetable farming, as well as home gardening. This study shows that the pond water sources are highly vulnerable to climate change induced hazards. Cyclone Sidr and Cyclone Aila, which hit Bangladesh in 2007 and 2009 respectively, led to a significant number of such ponds being inundated with saline water. This had wide scale implications for climate vulnerable poor households, including reduced availability of safe drinking water. These households are now dependent on water being supplied through aid, as well as travelling long distances to collect safe drinking water.