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How the people of Vietnam live with climate change and what communication can do

Climate Asia is the world’s largest study of people’s everyday experience of climate change. The project surveyed 33,500 people across seven Asian countries. In Vietnam, research was conducted from April 2012 to August 2012. It included a nationally representative survey of 3,486 households, 16 focus groups across six locations in the country and an evaluation of current and past communication on these subjects. In addition, a workshop with experts and opinion formers from media, business and civil society was held in Hanoi and practitioners and media experts were interviewed.

Questions explored by the study include: How do people in Vietnam live with climate change now? How will its impacts shape their future, and how will they, in turn, shape their environment? What are the most effective ways to support people to adapt to climate change, and how best can the media, governments, organisations and businesses communicate with them?

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