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How the people of Indonesia live with climate change and what communication can do

This report is part of a series from Climate Asia, worldwide study of people’s everyday experience of climate change in seven Asian countries – Bangladesh, China, India, Indonesia, Nepal, Pakistan and Vietnam. The project surveyed 33,500 people across the seven countries, including 4,985 households in Indonesia where research was conducted from February to October 2012. Climate Asia also conducted 16 focus groups with men and women from different social backgrounds across seven locations in Indonesia; 22 interviews with key experts and opinion-formers from government, civil society, business and academia; and community assessments with seven communities vulnerable to changes in climate.

A nationally representative picture is presented of how different groups of people in Indonesia live and deal with change. This includes their perception of changes in climate, values, livelihoods, use of food, water and energy, family life, worries, what they watch and listen to, whom they most trust, what they hope for in the future, and the environmental changes they have noticed or deal with already.