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Greening India Mission

This article deals with the Greening India Mission (GIM) announced by the Indian Government under the National Climate Change Action Plan. The Mission aims to restore and afforest about 10 mha over the period 2010–2020 covering moderately dense and open forests, scrub/ grasslands, mangroves, wetlands, croplands and urban areas. The author argues that the GIM could propel systematic research into forestry and climate change issues and thereby provide global leadership in this new and emerging science, but also points out that more work needs to be done, particularly around the following areas: * the adaptation component is inadequately addressed * There is a need for increased scientific input in the preparation of the Mission * The selection of potential locations for different interventions and species choice under the GIM must be based on the use of modelling, remote sensing and field studies * The opportunities provided by forest sector is not adequately addressed in the GIM.