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Global assessment report on disaster risk reduction 2013 – From shared risk to shared value: the business case for disaster risk reduction

The GAR13 highlights how the transformation of the global economy over the last 40 years has led to rapid increases in disaster risk in low, medium and high income countries. A new global risk model shows that annual average losses from just earthquakes and cyclonic winds can be expected to be in the range of US $180 billion this century. The report makes a strong case that globalisation, the search for lower costs, higher productivity, and just-in-time delivery are driving business into hazard-prone locations with little or no consideration of the consequences on global supply chains. GAR13 analyses three key global investment sectors – urban development, agribusiness, and coastal tourism – and reveals that prevailing business models in each sector continue to drive disaster risk. It concludes that disaster risk reduction needs to be explicitly included into the post-2015 framework to provide a critical incentive for constructive engagement with the business sector.