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Gender equality and food security: women’s empowerment as a tool against hunger

This report highlights the links between gender empowerment and food security, and reviews global challenges confronting the world and their respective gender dimensions.  It addresses the following topics: the different dimensions of food and nutritional security; improving income security through better access for women to waged employment; and how social protection can support access to food for low-income households.

The report recommends supporting country-owned food security strategies that maximise the synergy between gender equality and food security, cutting across sectors and adopting a rights-based approach to improve accountability and independent monitoring. National strategies should be developed in a participatory fashion with a focus on women’s participation. Men should be co-opted into strategies aimed at improving the situation of women to increase their chances of success. Strategies should be phased and multiyear, particularly components that involve transforming gender roles. Any strategy must incorporate a time frame sufficient to undertake its challenges.