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Financing Mitigation: Exposing Gender Gaps in Financing Climate Change Mitigation – and Proposing Solutions

Three case studies are presented in this document from Nepal, Mali and Colombia. The aim is to provide lessons and recommendations on gender mainstreaming and climate change. Examples are provided to aid decision-makers in new efforts to integrate gender considerations into public and private climate mitigation projects and financing. To date, prevailing approaches to reducing emissions have prioritized scientific and technological measures, often at the expense of social and behavioural considerations. Most of the mitigation projects and funds so far have supported large-scale energy infrastructure and industrial efficiency programs, which are often viewed as mitigation projects with little connection to gender equality or other social issues. The report concludes that, as the understanding of the relevance of gender issues increases, more rigorous methodology and systematic data collection is needed to support climate finance decision-makers in integrating gender equality into mitigation projects.