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Factors Influencing Adoption and Area under Conservation Agriculture: A Mixed Methods Approach

Adoption of conservation agriculture (CA) is low in most parts of Africa. Zambia has been quite successful in increasing adoption of CA among smallholder farmers. Few studies have been conducted to determine factors influencing adoption of CA. This study uses mixed methods approach to document factors influencing adoption of CA among smallholder farmers. From a random sample of 415 smallholder farmers, results showed that 71% had adopted CA. Quantitative analysis indicated that CA trainings, experience in minimum tillage, membership in farmer organisations, and ownership of CA tillage equipment significantly increased CA adoption. Number of CA trainings attended, farm size, number of rippers owned and use of herbicide had a positive influence on area under CA. Traditional leadership enhanced adoption of CA in most cases. Women were very involved in CA basins while men were mostly involved in ADP ripping. Mixed methods approach can lead to a better understanding of the adoption of CA.