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Engineers for Africa. Identifying engineering capacity needs in Sub-Saharan Africa. Supporting document 3: Analysis of stakeholder interviews

This document summarises key themes from 15 interviews carried out with professional engineers and decision-makers who work in, or rely on, the engineering sector in sub- Saharan Africa (SSA). Most of the interviews were carried out either in person in the UK or by telephone to countries in SSA and two were carried out in Zimbabwe. The interviews complement a literature review and an electronic survey, and the three parts are brought together in the Research summary report. Interviews were semi-structured with all interviewees being asked for their experiences and views in relation to engineering capacity needs, the impact of any engineering capacity deficiencies and potential capacity building strategies in SSA. A number of points of consensus emerged from the interviews. This document provides a summary of the key points that emerged and is arranged thematically. It begins with a short overview of the nature of skills shortages and the causes of those shortages are then discussed in detail. This is followed by the interviewees’ perceptions of the impact of lack of capacity in the engineering sector on development. Next is a summary of the views of interviewees on approaches to building capacity and the final section draws overarching conclusions.