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Engineers for Africa. Identifying engineering capacity needs in Sub-Saharan Africa. Supporting document 1: Literature review.

This literature review is part of a broader study to improve understanding of capacity building needs in the engineering sector in Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA), in support of the A-UK partnership. The literature review is complemented by two additional research tools: an electronic capacity building needs survey distributed to practicing engineers and decision-makers in the engineering sector in SSA and a series of semi-structured interviews with senior figures in the engineering profession. The results of the survey and interviews are discussed in the Research Summary Report.

The literature review aims to summarise existing information on the following:
1. The scale and nature of shortages of engineering skills in various countries of SSA
2. The underlying causes of the shortage of engineers and relevant engineering skills
3. The impact of these shortages on industry and the economy
4. Recommendations for strategies to reduce skills shortages