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Economics of climate change in the Arab world: case studies from the Syrian Arab Republic, Tunisia, and the Republic of Yemen

Scarce water and high temperatures have shaped the cultures of the Arab region over thousands of years. Today, however, the region is confronting climate variability and change that could alter and threaten development in the region. This report presents detailed case studies on the impacts of climate change in the Syrian Arab Republic, Tunisia and the Republic of Yemen. The Arab region is already being impacted by climate change through more frequent cyclones, floods and prolonged droughts. Thousands of rural producers have seen their crops and herds devastated by extreme conditions, and have been forced to abandon their traditional way of life and migrate to urban areas. Those who stay behind in rural areas struggle to cope with shortages of food and water. This report assesses how severely climate change will affect the three countries and stresses the necessity of considering the impacts of climate change in future development strategies.