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Detection of climate change and climate variability signals in Colombia and the Amazon River basin through empirical mode decomposition.

This study aims at detecting signals of climate change and climate variability in time series of hydro-climatic records using series of monthly rainfall, average river discharges and mean and minimum
temperature records in Colombia and monthly rainfall stations in the Amazon basin. Also, time series of average monthly river discharges were selected on 10 Colombian river basins with gauging stations along their path. As many as possible series will be used to further continuing the studies of Mesa et al. (1997),
Perez et al. (1998), and Ochoa and Poveda (2008). For estimation purposes statistical tools will be used, including the Empirical Mode Decomposition and the Hilbert-Huang Transform.

Results showed that the maximum trend magnitudes in rainfall series are located in the Colombian Pacific region. In the Amazon basin the maximum trend magnitudes were found in the basin’s central and south-eastern region.This evidence of environmental change should be incorporated into plans.