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Conflict resolution among pastoral communities in West Pokot County, Kenya: a missing link

Conflicts over control of and access to natural resources are common among pastoral communities living in arid and semi-arid environments of Kenya. This study investigates conflicts and conflict resolution strategies in West Pokot County, Kenya. The objectives were to: identify the sources of conflict; examine conflict resolution initiatives; and evaluate the effectiveness of peacebuilding initiatives. The study found that peacebuilding initiatives were able to decrease incidences of historical conflict between pastoral communities and the Pokots (living in West Pokot County), but they did not decrease conflicts associated with natural resources, especially those related to scarcity of pasture and water. The study highlights that climate change mitigation was absent in all peacebuilding initiatives in the county and recommends that mitigation efforts should be the focal point in addressing conflicts in pastoral regions since climate change is causing the decline of natural resources.