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Communiuty perception on climate change and usage patterns on non-timber forest products by communities around Kilolo District, Tanzania

This paper explores the current use pattern of non-timber forest product (NTFPs) by forest-dependent communities as a strategy to cope with the impacts of climate change and variability around the New Dabaga-Ulongambi Forest Reserve (NDUFR) in Kilolo District. It also documents local peoples’ perceptions of climate change which were in linie with available climatic data records. Communities living around NDUFR are increasingly relying on NTFPs for food, health and income security as part of a strategy to cope with change in climate.

The paper concludes that climate has been affecting the livelihood of forest communities in Kilolo, while NTFPs seem to play safety roles by assisting communities to cope. It asserts a need for training communities on climate change issues and the sustainable harvesting of NTFPs to reduce overexploitation of forest resources.