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Community vulnerability assessment: Kharo Chan, Keti Bunder and Jiwani

This community vulnerability assessment (CVA) showcases the key threats facing the Indus Delta, focusing on the risks facing coastal communities living in Kharo Chan, Keti Bunder and Jiwani in Pakistan. Apart from identifying threats, the report lists response options, in order to support adaptation at the local, district and provincial levels. The report relies on testimonies from communities, their perceptions and understandings of climate change and variability and its perceived and actual impacts on their lives and livelihoods, thus examining adaptation imperatives at the local level. Issues covered include: seasonal changes, impacts of extreme weather events, migration patterns and crop loss. The report hopes to contribute to a clearer understanding of the threats and vulnerabilities challenging Pakistan’s coastal zones and communities, as well as offer them a series of actionable steps that can be taken to protect coastal communities and the Indus delta ecosystem.