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Communicating for conservation: a communication toolkit for Caribbean civil society organisations working in biodiversity conservation

As the threats to the world’s natural resources have multiplied, the role of civil society has increased in importance. This is especially true within the Caribbean region, which is a ‘biodiversity hotspot’ and where the livelihoods of many are tied to natural resources. However, communicating the risks to decision-makers and the wider public is often challenging. This toolkit was developed to provide civil society organisations (CSOs) involved in biodiversity conservation with a guide that will help them to develop a strategic approach to building the critical knowledge, attitudes and behaviours (KAB) of the public and policymakers, as they take action to respond to these challenges. It provides options to strengthen advocacy, address key decision-makers and influence policy. The toolkit underlines that CSOs should use both the products of their work and current scientific information to promote action which supports international commitments and local priorities for biodiversity.