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Climate vulnerability monitor 2nd edition: a guide to the cold calculus of a hot planet

The Climate Vulnerability Monitor measures the global impact of climate change and the carbon economy at a national level. It calculates and compares the vulnerability of 184 countries in four areas of impact (environmental disasters, habitat change, health impact and industry stress) using 34 climate and carbon related indicators. This second edition of the Monitor reveals that climate change is already holding back international development and inaction can be considered a leading global cause of death. The study finds that climate change and the present carbon-intensive economy are responsible for five million deaths each year due to hunger, communicable diseases aggravated by climate change and air pollution. It estimates that failure to act costs the world economy 1.6 per cent of global GDP amounting to 1.2 trillion US dollars in forgone prosperity a year. Increasing temperatures and carbon-related pollution will double costs to 3.2 per cent of global GDP by 2030.