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Climate-smart agriculture sourcebook

Climate-smart interventions are highly location-specific and knowledge-intensive. Therefore, considerable efforts are required to develop the knowledge and capacities to make climate-smart agriculture (CSA) a reality. The purpose of this sourcebook is to further elaborate the concept of CSA and demonstrate its potential, as well as its limitations. It is aimed as a reference tool for planners, practitioners and policymakers working in agriculture, forestry and fisheries at national and subnational levels, dealing with the effects of climate change.

This sourcebook is divided into three main sections, which addresses the following topics.

  • The case for climate-smart agriculture: this section consists of two modules establishing a conceptual framework and is targeted to a broad audience.      
  • Improved technologies and approaches for sustainable farm management: nine modules targeted primarily to the needs of planners and practitioners, and analyses what issues need to be addressed in the different sectors.
  • Enabling frameworks: seven modules targeted to policymakers, providing guidance on what institutional, policy and finance options are available. It further provides information on links with disaster risk reduction and utilisation of safety nets, also illustrating the key role of capacity development, assessments and monitoring.