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Climate risk and climate change vulnerability analysis of water resources in Paute Jubones Catamayo, Chone, and Babahoyol Portoviejo river basisns in Ecuador

The document is one of the studies under the GEF / MFA / UNDP “Adaptation to Climate Change through an Effective Water Governance in Ecuador – PACC.” It presents a portrait of current vulnerability to climate and climate variability in six key watershed in Ecuador with emphasis on water resources. The study describes and analyzes the major components of climate risk: threats, sensitivity and exposure of people and agriculture, and the response capacity of institutions dealing with the problem.

A vulnerability analysis is performed assuming that the threat – climate – is dynamic, not only by nature but by the climate change phenomenon that alters both the mean values of climatic variables (rainfall, temperature, etc.) and the frequency and intensity of extreme weather events (storms, droughts, etc..).

The original document is in Spanish.