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Climate & environment assessment: Rapid social response multi donor trust fund

Evidence on Demand was requested by DFID to carry out a climate and environmental appraisal as part of the Business Case for the Rapid Social Response Programme Multi-Donor Trust Fund (RSR-MDTF). The RSR programme, established in 2009 by the World Bank in response to the food, fuel and financial crisis, operates as a challenge fund designed to enable rapid deployment of expertise in response to government proposals to:

i) strengthen social protection systems; 
ii) build knowledge and skills to deliver social protection; and
iii) protect basic services in times of crises. 

The consultant developed and completed the draft climate and environmental assessment by identifying high-level climate and environmental impacts/opportunities and confirming the final risk categorisation. Medium opportunities for climate change and the environment were identified if the role of social protection in building effective climate change adaptation is fostered.