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Climate & Environment Assessment: Business Case for Improving UK Private Sector Engagement in Humanitarian Response

Evidence on Demand was requested by DFID to carry out a Climate and Environment Assessment as part of the Business Case: ‘Improving UK Private sector Engagement in Humanitarian Response’. BITC propose a number of activities to support this outcome: (i) producing and disseminating guidance for businesses on developing their approach to disaster relief; (ii) creating a matching tool to identify and link businesses’ contributions and engagement on this agenda with NGOs; and (iii) establishing an annual disaster relief award for business. The desk-based nature of the programme activities means that no significant risks were identified and therefore the intervention was assigned a category ‘C’ – low impact. These low risk impacts can be minimised through the effective implementation of BITC’s environmental commitments. However, the intervention was rated as medium opportunity (‘B’) given the potential to firstly raise awareness and provide guidance on the linkages between the environment and humanitarian response and opportunities for ‘green logistics’; secondly the significant opportunity to leverage private sector environmental skills, experience and innovation in support of mainstreaming the environment into humanitarian response; and thirdly to share business best practice on ‘greening humanitarian response.’ A number of recommendations have been made that can maximise these opportunities.