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Climate & environment assessment: Building an evidence base in Yemen

Evidence on Demand was requested by DFID to carry out a climate and environmental assessment. This was for part of the Business Case for building an evidence base in Yemen by gathering high quality, nationally representative data on key poverty indicators and living conditions. The four options considered were: 

Option 1: DFID funds and designs its own survey(s), to be collected through private firms / NGOs
Option 2: DFID supports priority official censuses and surveys to be conducted by the CSO, through some third party or parties
Option 3: DFID provides support to the CSO directly to use on its own priorities as stated in annual and multi annual plans
Option 4: DFID does nothing

The Climate and Environmental Assessment, completed by a consultant from Practical Action Consulting, identified climate and environment impacts, as well as opportunities, and added this evidence to the business case, with a clear conclusion that such high quality data was most likely to contribute to strong climate and environment opportunities.