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Climate Change, Vulnerability and Livelihood Possibilities and Prospect of the Charlands of Bangladesh | Unnayan Onneshan

This document (which is the first in Unnayan Onneshan’s Climate Study Series) examines the vulnerability of the people of the Charlands of Bangladesh. The Charlands are sandbars that emerge as islands within the river channel or as attached land to the riverbanks as a result of the dynamics of erosion and accretion in the rivers. They are home to some of the poorest and most vulnerable people in Bangladesh and are particularly prone to the effects of frequent climatic shocks such as floods, droughts and cyclones. The author notes that interventions to increase agricultural productivity without addressing the vulnerability context of peoples’ livelihood strategies will do little to affect poverty dynamics. Rather, the poverty impacts of development interventions are greater where there is convergence between the intervention strategy and household livelihood strategies.