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Climate change and the role of gender: A study from Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu in South India

The agrarian communities within less developed parts of South Asia are frequently referred in climate change and gender studies.
In this study, a quantitative analysis was carried out to study the link between CC and the role of gender. The survey was carried out in Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu in South India for the delineation of gender’s role towards the current and the anticipated CC impacts. The analysis is based on a household survey applied through a questionnaire and a random sampling in eleven villages of the two states.
This report initially presents some descriptive analysis of the sampled households. Socio-economic data of the respondents is presented while the gender role in the undertaking of family decisions is explored. Importance of the Self Help Groups in the improvement of women’s livelihoods is also addressed. Potential relation of the socio-economic status of the respondents with their response stance on the observation of adverse climatic conditions is explored.