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Characterizing country settings: development of a base document in the backdrop of climate change impacts

This report is an attempt to develop a base document characterising the country settings, including natural setting, physical infrastructure there-in, socio-economic conditions and prevailing environment, and hence is expected to serve as a base document to locate, identify and characterise climate risk environment in the backdrop of climate change and variability.

In essence, this report addresses the first task of the effort on mainstreaming climate change and adaptation, which is defining the present day risk environment. The hazards and vulnerability maps presented in the report are expected to be very useful to the users and stakeholders. Data and information available in the report can be used in the following ways:

  • to develop climate change composite hazard and risk maps in the next phase to provide a better understanding regarding the overall vulnerability in a given location
  • to help identify what needs to be done in order to reduce people’s vulnerability
  • to find out which specific context of vulnerability needs to be addressed on a priority basis in order to approach towards adaptation.