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CDM country fact sheets

These fact sheets provide information about Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) project developments in six Asian countries: Cambodia, China, India, Indonesia, Philippines and Thailand. The sheets include information on domestic Green House Gas (GHG) emission data, domestic approval related information, and the current situation of domestic CDM project development.

Key conclusions from each country include:

  • Cambodia: the potential area for CDM in Cambodia may be the agricultural sector, where major emissions occur, but the total emission level is not so large
  • China: the national CDM policy has remarkable features toward CDM such as requirements for participation, allocation ratio of CERs with the Chinese government, and proposal of price of CER
  • India: since the establishment of the Indian DNA (Designated National Authority) in 2003, a significant number of projects have been approved. CDM promotion cells have been established at a state level to conduct supportive activities such as information dissemination on CDM and coordination between local and national governments
  • Indonesia: since the establishment of the Indonesian DNA in July 2005, 24 projects have been approved. The number of registered projects in Indonesia is not large, considering the total number of projects is more than 800 in the world. Perceived barriers of implementation of CDM include difficulties arranging project finance, and there is a lack awareness of CDM
  • Philippines: the CDM Secretariat, an office within the Environmental Management Bureau of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR), is primarily responsible for facilitating the smooth implementation of the national approval process
  • Thailand: due to domestic political difficulties from time to time, the Thai government had some delays in the approval of CDM projects. However, the new Thailand’s DNA office, TGO, has recently been established, and therefore it can be expected that the submitted CDM projects will be approved in a shorter period, and a final decision will be made at the TGO Board.