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Biochar production using the Peko Pe Stove in Zambia 2011

This report details project work during introduction of 18 stoves to farmers in Zambia, October to November 2011. The project transferred knowledge on stove use and production of biochar through arranged stove sessions with farmers in Kaoma, Mongu and Mkushi. The stove introduction was followed up with later visit to the same farmers, verifying use and proper biochar production.
The adoption of the Peko Pe stove is believed to benefit from the stove’s biochar production capability. Indirectly this capability responds to farmers’ need for a change mechanism that leads to reduced demand for fertilizer and reduced biomass consumption in household cooking.
Corncobs are a widely available waste in rural Zambia and tests proved that the Peko Pe stove worked well with this type of fuel.
The high stove adoption rate with corn cobs as fuel, experienced during the pilot-project are encouraging and positions the Peko Pe stove for large scale implementation.