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Bangladesh Climate Change Strategy and Action Plan 2008 | Sustainable Development Networking Programme

This paper describes the Government of Bangladesh’s ten-year programme to build the capacity and resilience of the country to meet the challenge of climate change over the next 20-25 years. The Climate Change Action Plan is built on six pillars: 1. Food security, social protection and health 2. Comprehensive disaster management 3. Infrastructure to ensure that existing assets are well maintained and fit-for-purpose 4. Research and knowledge management to predict the likely scale and timing of climate change impacts 5. Mitigation and low carbon development to evolve low carbon development options 6. Capacity building and institutional strengthening to enhance the capacity of government ministries and agencies, civil society and the private sector to meet the challenge of climate change It is stressed that the needs of the poor and vulnerable, including women and children, will be prioritised in all activities implemented under the Action Plan.